The World’s Only Manual Sweeper With Vacuum!

Outdoor Sweeper Vacuum Australia

These testimonials from a range of businesses and client prove the satisfaction of our outdoor sweeper vacuum Australia product.

Sweeper received in good order a few days ago – works very well, we are more than happy with it – I think we will be ordering a few more further down the track.

Nathan Light
Interpod Offsite

The guys unpacked it and looked very skeptical , they questioned “How is this thing going to clean the floor properly?, it doesn't have a motor!”

You will be please to know after using it once they came back for more and the floors have never been cleaner they all want a go, we even had one guy follow a forklift ( just after it left the shed ) picking up the loose dirt as it went through his area.

So you had been correct the only problem most people have is they want to buy more, So when we are in the market next I do not even have to look I will be buying another.

Peter Meredith
Sid's Place Building Supplies
Over 60 Years of serving builders in Queensland, Knowledge, Service & dedication to Quality.

We discovered the MEP by searching the internet. There were quite a few on the market, but after a small amount of research, I quickly discovered the ASC Evo/MEP was a cut above the rest. Living in Katherine N.T. it’s a hot and dusty environment. The MEP helps keeps the dust under control quickly and easily. If it’s moving, it is working. Mac’s Hire purchased 5. It was an easy process, we are more than happy with it, and will purchase more in the future. We purchased 5 because we had sold 4 – all our clients are happy as well.

Kev from Mac’s Hire Katherine N.T.

To whom it may concern,

We firstly purchased 1 x MEP sweeper unit from ASC after trailing it in our manufacturing environment in NSW. This is a very dusty environment with fine wheat particles produced from our manufacturing process. The guys tried the unit and reported back the MEP unit did a great job in capturing all the fine dust particles and left the floor very clean.

We were so impressed we actually then ordered 1 more MEP unit for both VIC plant and the one in WA.

I would recommend ASC, there products, services and support.

Sincerely, Stephen Dance

The dust sweeper we bought from you has made our factory house keeping a breeze; and no longer a chore. The ease of use and its design simplicity makes the MEP enjoyable to use, very effective and efficient.

Lyndon Golledge
Smartslab PTY LTD

I love the sweeper and how much it has saved me in time. I took a bit longer today as most neighbours wanted to talk about it ! That will settle down in the future.

Drew Zafir & Craig Stanley
Pure Hair at Seaside

The world's only manual push sweeper with vacuum available in Australia