The Client

For over 70 years, SGS Sydney (formerly Gray Diving Services) has been providing underwater engineering and construction solutions to major construction companies and government departments in the demanding marine and submarine industry. SGS Diving provides services including inspection, consultancy, specialist fabrication, underwater welding and non-destructive testing in marine, sub-marine, offshore and inland locations throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific Rim.

The Challenge

SGS has a large stores facility that houses its specialised diving equipment located in Caringbah NSW. The challenge was to sweep up their dusty floor s before the air laden dust got a chance to settle on the companies expensive diving equipment.

The Solution.

SGS purchased the ASC MEP manual sweeper with dust control to eliminate the back breaking need to manually sweep. What as little as a week ago took more than 2 hours to sweep is now done in less than 15 minutes. The facility now has a very dust free and very feel.