Client introduction

Safe Central is a supplier of safes for multiple applications including banks, firearms, and homes. From traditional models to the bespoke, Safe Central have been delivering the Dominator Safes since 2011.

The Challenge

Safe Central had recently moved into a new premises in Wangara (Perth).

The new warehouse faces into the southerly direction where westerly winds that Perth is famous for brings dust, leaves and debris into the facility.

This debris has a negative effect on the safe’s mechanisms as well as the overall aesthetics of the facility.

The Solution

ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan was driving past watching the construction of this building and dropped in to say “Hi”.

The warehouse manager said they were considering a ride on sweeper to clean inside and outside but due to the move and building costs they would wait before spending that much money.

Ross acknowledged this and suggested the ASC MEP push sweeper with dust control as it would be a great fit for the site.

The Result

The General Manager (Adam) of Safe Central Adam called Ross Sheehan a week later to enquire of the price of the machine.

Ross advised Adam that ASC was located on the same road as they were on.

Ross called in to see in to see Adam and a few minutes later Adam place the order for the ASC MEP sweeper.

Ross had the sweeper delivered in person the next day.

Now the safe’s are safe of dust…..