Client introduction

Eden Life is a lifestyle village in the leafy southern town of Australind, Western Australia.

The village has a great set of facilities including a bowling green, woodworking shed and function room. The village is still in the early stages of development and has still a few vacant undeveloped blocks of land.

The Challenge

With the WA windstorms and vacant lots the Eden Life facility gets coated with white sand.

Village supervisor Kelli was looking for a simple machine that the staff and residents could use the sweep the sand off the footpaths & the driveways.

Most important was the need to keep the bowling green free of sand and leaves.

The Solution

ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan consulted the company and was able to suggest several options for them.

Keli (Eden Life manger) mentioned the machine had to suit their budget and be easy to use for multiple operators.

It was decided the ASC MEP push sweeper would be the best option with its award winning vacuumed dust control as a huge selling point.

Being a battery free machine also meant no one was responsible to charge the sweeper.

The Result

Kelli then placed the order with Ross. He arranged delivery of the sweeper a little while later.

Ross trained a couple of the residents who use the bowling green regularly on how to adjust the brush pressure as it can be used on different surfaces.

Kelli was very excited to find that there was a reliable and quiet machine to keep the her facility spot free for people visiting to allow them to purchase available vacant land lots.