The World’s Only Manual Sweeper With Vacuum!

Manual Floor Sweepers Australia

- Do your manual sweeping machines really control dust and pick up?

The ASC MEP is the first and only manual floor sweeper in the world to effectively control dust. When the sweeper is pushed or pulled, the drive shaft which is connected to a vacuum fan sucks up dust while sweeping. In fact in 2005 our sweeper was awarded a European innovation award for its ingenuity in terms of manual floor sweepers Australia.

- What surfaces can the ASC MEP push sweeper be used on?

This sweeping machine can be used on both hard or soft floor services both indoors and outside, and is ideal for dust-free sweeping of domestic and commercial yards, sports clubs, parks, footpaths, warehouses, parking lots etc.

- How is the ASC MEP shipped?

It is shipped by courier and boxed and packaged to industry standards. The boxed machine is 810 in height, 760 in width and 440 in length. It weighs a total of 26 kilos.

- Do I have to assemble the sweeping machine myself?

Our floor sweepers arrive fully assembled - apart from the handle bar and front brush - both take only a few minutes to simply add.

- Does the ASC MEP contain a dust filter?

Yes, it holds an industry grade polyester filter which retains particles of dust. The filter is washable and easily removed for maintenance purposes or replacement.

- What is the total sweeping path of this sweeping machine?

The sweeping path of this floor sweeper is 700 mm and it can sweep up to 2,100 square metres per hour, which is 10 times faster than a person with a broom!

- Why is your manual sweeper different to other floor sweeping machines?

The MEP is the world's only manual sweeping machine with dust control. It contains a simple but patented system that enables complete control of dust, unlike our competitors' machines which stir up dust and do not capture or filter it.

- Does the floor sweeper need charging or any batteries?

We have designed the manual sweeper integrated with a vacuum system completely free from batteries, engines or cables, to guarantee ease of use, value for money and respect of ecology. It also has an unlimited running time, is completely silent and 100% ecological.

- What if I have more questions to ask?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us if you have any queries or would like to place an order.

To find out more about this innovative manual floor sweeper, view the vacuum sweeper specifications and explore the photo gallery.

The world's only manual floor sweepers with vacuum - compact sweeping machines from ASC Push Sweeper